Friday, March 16, 2018

Are Todays Young Males The Real Victims?

With all of the howling going on in America today about bullying I find it ironic that much of it emanates from the Gestapo known as “public school teachers.”  There is nothing as dangerous to masculinity as the nine months most boys spend sitting under the thumb of the testosterone-tamers hell-bent on disconnecting boys from their natural male impulses.

I don’t care how politically correct it might sound but there are very few women capable of training a little boy how to be a man.  The 7 1/2 hours a day that a young male spends being trained exclusively by women is detrimental to their manhood.  I see it everywhere I look.

The inner city is especially dangerous.  Statistics indicate that nearly 70% of young African American males live in homes where there is no father present.  They are then shipped out the door to the local indoctrination center where 90% of the staff is female.  If, perchance, a young man finds himself in trouble he is rapidly dispensed to the Principal’s office where his unruly behavior is disciplined by…you guessed it…a female Principal.

For the super majority of young black men the first opportunity that he will have to be mentored by a man is when he steps foot on the athletic field.  That is, if he makes it that far without dropping out or being academically ineligible.

Finding a man in an elementary school is about as rare as finding an NRA member at a Hillary for President rally.  Is it any wonder the average American male has no idea what it means to “act like a man?”  Try as they might, most American women do not really understand what makes real men tick.  Our schools are full of “independent” women who finally have a chance to make men behave the way women want them to.

Save your catcalls.  Look around.  Have you noticed the number of millennial males still living with their parents long after they should have flown from the coup?  Have you noticed the propensity of men who are more interested in wearing skinny jeans than they are camo gear?

Who is training the boys?  Why is it so obvious that men are becoming less masculine and more compliant?  Our young men are being trained to be soft.  Getting in touch with your feelings is not an activity designed for men. Not all female teachers are bad for young guys but there is a serious assault on manhood in America and it is being led by the feminazis in our public schools.

I spent a career as a public school teacher/coach and I could tell you horror stories of the experiences that I had with women faculty whose sole purpose in life was to make the star football player bow to her every whim.  Many of the women HATED strong-willed teenage boys and they did the best they could to bully the testosterone right out of them.

I remember the day when young men were taught “man-up” and take responsibility for their lives.  Today to even use the term “man-up” is to be accused of being misogynistic. It is hard to turn him into a man when he is being punished for acting like one.  Males…the natural leader type…do not respond well to the badgering of bossy women.  Often the teachers are more interested in teaching the young man WHO is boss than showing him how to BE the boss.

I always tell the men in my life that you are born a male but you are a man by choice.

Dang, I bet I am making a lot of Jezebels mad today.  Spare me the emails.  Don’t waste your time trying to put me in my place.  I know my place and it is not under the thumb of a bossy woman.

Today was another fine example of it.  All across America students walked out of their school in protest of guns.  I happened to be speaking at a public school today as the walkout took place and I asked the class that I was addressing if there was going to be a walkout the next day in support of gun ownership.  They looked at me as if I had just passed gas.

“Aren’t there any of you in this class that support gun ownership?”  A beaten-down young feller in the corner of the room raised his hand halfway into the air.

“Great!” I exhorted him! “When are you going to organize the I-support-guns-walkout?  You certainly aren’t they only student at this school that supports guns?  Does anyone else support guns?”  I asked.  A few more male hands crawled cautiously in the air.

“So who is going to go to the principal and organize a gun rally?  I’ll join with you!”

No takers.  They were all afraid to express how they really felt.  The bossy girls in the class were too busy putting them down for caring about guns more than their classmates.

Strong American males are a vanishing species in this nation and I am not afraid to point out that decades of being trained by women has born a heap big pile of rotten fruit in the hearts of the once valiant American male.

No wonder we have seen an avalanche of pornography pour over this nation as young men struggle to find their way in this feminist driven society in which we live.  At least when the young guys are viewing porn they don’t have to deal with the lady on the screen putting down their every move.

My guess is that the gun marches at schools all across America today were organized by women…or men who act like women.

Laugh if you want to.  Call me names if that is how you normally talk to men.  But men get it.  They are just too demoralized to fight.   I wonder how many of the school shooters had a strong man in their lives?

Men who understand true Biblical masculinity are a vanishing breed.  There is no group more bullied than the young American male.

C2C March 14, 2018 Debate: Curtis vs. Bloom/ Animal Communication

In the first half, online columnist John M. Curtis and author, researcher Howard Bloom debated various topics in the news including President Trump, Russia, North Korea, the economy, and the media. Bloom characterized Trump as an unreliable president constantly spouting falsehoods (2,436 lies in 355 days according to the Washington Post), and coming close to treason with his campaign's involvement with Russia. Curtis countered that the news media, including papers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times are 93% against Trump, and have been hijacked by the Democratic party, such that we no longer have objective journalism.

Curtis suggested that Trump doesn't receive enough credit for his successes, such as recently getting North Korea to come to the table for negotiations, and their possible nuclear disarmament. Bloom was skeptical that Kim Jong-un has any intention of compromising their nuclear program, and was likely just manipulating Trump. Discussing the Russian attempt to sway the 2016 election, Bloom noted that all the stolen emails came from the Clinton campaign and the Democrats, and there was nothing from the Republican side. Reacting to the debate, the results of our online Instapoll of listeners, showed that 77% favored Curtis, 20.3% sided with Bloom, and 2.7% called it a draw.

A channel of animal consciousness who shares messages from the animal kingdom for the benefit of humans, Sandra Mendelson, appeared in the latter half. She detailed how she was awakened to her ability to communicate with animals beginning with a horse that conveyed he was unhappy with his hay, which upon closer inspection turned out to have mold. Since then, she has communicated with a wide variety of critters, including insects and aquatic creatures.

Animals, she explained, feel the energy of Mother Earth and get their information from many sources, including birds. They are all individuals on their own path. A blind cat told her that "she chose her human mom as much as she chose me." A chimpanzee, she tuned into, was rather bitter about his experiences with humans. A squirrel bragged about his athletic abilities. Interestingly, insects spoke to her as one, and revealed they chose their lives of anonymity to relinquish the ego, and that they weave patterns of energy humans do not see. For more fascinating animal communications, visit Mendelson's blog Animals Are Talking.

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C2C March 13, 2018 Numerology & 2018/ Dark Side of the Occult

In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants spoke about how this year's cycle of 2 is playing out and what to expect for world events and leaders, and the lives of the audience. 2018, she said, adds up to "11," a master number, that is a high-frequency vibration which makes the year speed by faster. 1+1 adds up to "2" which is the world number for 2018, she explained, adding that in years of "2," your intuitive voice will be stronger than usual, and a lot of truth will emerge. Regarding North Korea, she noted that Kim Jong-un has entered into a personal cycle of "2" this year, which makes him more willing to talk and negotiate than the previous year.

Vladimir Putin is currently in a personal cycle of "1," and it will be interesting to see how he responds to the findings of Mueller's investigation, McCants suggested, as she believes he will have some major reveals about Russia. She looked at the numbers of the Parkland, FL shooter Nikolas Cruz, and discovered they turned out to be 6-6-6-- these numbers indicate the ability to be either a devil or an angel, she cited. Glynis also shared affirmations to increase love and prosperity in one's life. You can view them in her Facebook posting. For those seeking additional info, her toll free number is 1-877-686-2373.
In the latter half, well-known voice of occult and esoteric ideas, Mitch Horowitz discussed the "dark side" or "left-hand path"-- views that many regard as scary and dangerous, but some embrace as practical and productive. Specifically, he gave a fresh look at the concepts of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. LaVey wasn't evil but rather an upstart and rebel, who advocated for advancing human potential through self-assertion and self-determination. "Not everyone fits into a congregational religious structure," Horowitz remarked. "For people who are outsiders and who have felt alienated, some of the ideas that are emanating from the Satanic...can be extraordinarily empowering."

Horowitz outlined an approach he calls "Anarchic Magick," in which a person devises their own spiritual rituals and worship, with the freedom to leave behind one religious philosophy and embrace another. While rejecting such things as violence and animal sacrifice, Horowitz has concluded that Satanic views can shine a light on the intellect, and be invigorating and liberating. "We don't want to be automatons," he said. "We don't want to be this kind of nondescript, consensus-based mass of humanity. Is that paradise?" For further info, view this video of Mitch's recent lecture, as well as a reading list, and article on LaVey.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lauren Southern Breaks Silence on Detention under the Terrorism Act

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Today I sat down with Lauren Southern, a 22 year old conservative journalist who was recently detained for 6 hours trying to enter the UK. Her crime? Conducting a social experiment in Luton where she criticised Allah.

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The Men Preparing for Civil War in South Africa by Lauren Southern

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Why The Media Hates Talking about South Africa by Lauren Southern

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South Africa is Killing the Farmlands by Lauren Southern

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Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps

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Land or Death: Mandela's Failed Rainbow Nation by Lauren Southern


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South African Wives are Living in Constant Fear by Lauren Southern

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South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World by Lauren Southern

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TRAILER: South Africa Documentary by Lauren Southern


I'm thrilled to show you the trailer for my new documentary - the first of its kind on the South African farm murders. I've got the footage and we're nearly there - I'm so excited to show you the stories I heard in South Africa. If you believe in this project and want to help finish it, or if you want to help with future projects, check out these links:

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